How to transplant a money tree at home

Money tree is a common houseplant. A lot of beliefs and conspiracies about wealth are connected with it. If the tree grows well, the owner will never know the need. His death and decay may serve as a bad sign for financial well-being. Crassula grows rapidly. To make the plant feel comfortable, it is regularly transplanted.

Money tree transplant - what is it for?

Crassula is a capricious plant that requires special conditions of detention, the violation of which can lead to its death. Most often, a transplant of a redgrass is required:

  • If the plant has grown greatly and the pot has become small. In this case, the roots suffer, which adversely affects the development of the fat.
  • If the leaves turn yellow, the flower becomes unhealthy, which signals the decay of the roots. In this situation, an emergency transplant is required.

Money tree is often grown indoors

Note! You can’t immediately plant a money tree in a wide and spacious pot. The root system will begin active growth, which will negatively affect the general condition of the terrestrial part of the plant.

When is it best to do, on what days, is it possible in spring and winter

The first transplant should be carried out immediately after buying the plant. Crassula at the time of sale is in the shipping container. She cannot grow in it. Two weeks after the acquisition, it is transplanted into a more suitable pot. Preliminary, the flower is given at least 14 days to adapt.

Money tree transplantation is an important element of agricultural technology

The best time for a transplant is spring. During this period, an active growth of shoots begins. It is important to prevent direct sunlight from entering the flower. In autumn and winter it is at rest. Transplantation is possible only if there are symptoms:

  • the plant has stopped growing;
  • leaves fall;
  • looks weakened.

In such situations, an emergency transplant is necessary, without waiting for spring. Most often, problems arise due to waterlogging, damage to the root system by pests.

The best time for transplanting is spring

How often can a flower transplant be done?

Experienced growers recommend replanting young plants in new soil at least once a year. As you grow, the number of procedures decreases. A three-year-old flower is transplanted every 2 years. The procedure gives the plant stress, which entails the need for restoration and adaptation to a new place of growth.

Note! Frequent transplants are contraindicated due to the fragility of the leaf cover. It can be easily damaged during processing.

Which earth and pot are suitable for a flower

How to form a money tree at home

The main feature of the money tree is its fleshy leaves, which are able to accumulate water. To make the plant grow comfortably, use special soil. It is permissible to use ready-made soil for cacti. If it is not possible to purchase it, apply universal soil for indoor plants with additional sand in a ratio of 1: 4.

The earth mixture for the fat woman is prepared independently. To do this, mix from:

  • one piece of sand;
  • one part of turf land;
  • three parts of leafy soil;
  • ashes;
  • humus with clay of four tablespoons.

Money tree does not tolerate excessive waterlogging of the soil. Drainage is mandatory so that the water in the pot does not stagnate. To do this, use:

  • walnut shell (crushed);
  • small pebbles;
  • broken brick;
  • expanded clay.

Preparation of soil for transplantation

Experts do not recommend using a plastic pot. Ceramic or clay containers are preferred. These materials are durable, as the money tree grows strongly and becomes heavy.

The pot is chosen not only by the degree of reliability, but also by stability. It is important to have a wide bottom so that the container does not turn over under the weight of the plant. Since the fat woman has superficial roots, they choose a shallow pot. If the container is excessively spacious, the plant will lose strength. Each subsequent transplant is performed in a more spacious pot.

How to transplant a money tree from a pot into a pot, step-by-step instructions

How to plant a money tree at home

Before transplanting the money tree, prepare the substrate. The soil is poured into the container and calcined in the oven at a temperature of at least 80 ℃. It is important not to exceed this temperature threshold so as not to destroy useful trace elements. If root pruning is planned, scissors and pruners are used, which are washed in an activated carbon solution.

Additional Information! The plant itself needs preliminary preparation. It is not watered for four days. Fertilizers are applied a few weeks before transplantation. After the procedure, they are not used to avoid overloading the flower.

For a large adult plant

A step-by-step instruction on how to transplant a money tree into another pot consists of the following steps:

  1. Prepare for transplanting a cache-pot, which is 5 cm larger in diameter than the previous vessel. A larger volume is needed for the further development of the root system. Do not take too spacious a pot, as moisture will accumulate in it. This will lead to the fact that the plant can rot from waterlogging. For landing use a container in which there is at least one drainage hole.
  2. The cache-pot is filled with earth by one third. A layer of fine pebbles or brick chips is laid at the bottom. Many gardeners make a mistake. They put polystyrene crumb as drainage. This material is able to protect the roots from temperature changes, but at the same time it does not allow moisture to pass through. EV toga the earth becomes swampy.
  3. Money tree is removed from the old pot carefully so as not to damage the root system. Soil along the edge of the pot is slightly cut with a knife. After that, the container is turned over and, holding the plant by the base of the trunk, gently pulled.
  4. After removing the flower from the container, carefully check its root system. If there are old and diseased shoots, they are removed. Cut sections are treated with a solution of activated carbon. If this is not done, the tree may become ill due to the penetration of bacteria and fungi into the slices.
  5. The roots are thoroughly washed from the ground, then dried. The flower is placed in a flowerpot, covered with fresh soil from above. Be sure to tamp the soil.
  6. Money tree is carefully watered, waiting for time so that water can drain. Then the plant is cleaned in a permanent place.

Money Tree Transplant Process

Additional Information! After the plants are properly transplanted into a new pot, they provide competent care. Fertilizers are applied no earlier than three weeks later.

For the shoot of the rosula

You can plant a fat woman with the help of processes that have at least two leaves. The shoot is cut off, allowed to dry for several days. After this, the appendix is ​​placed in a glass of water, into which Kornevin is previously added. In this state, the plant is left until the roots appear.

Plant sprouted cuttings in a pot with prepared drainage. The pots are filled with earth for a quarter. The shoot is placed in the middle. As a result, the stalk is watered, planted in a pot without roots, but at the same time it is covered with a film to create the effect of a greenhouse.

Money tree care after transplantation

Money tree refers to succulents. For them, a large role is played by proper watering. Under natural conditions, the flower accumulates moisture in the leaves (in the rainy season) in order to gradually spend it in dry and hot weather. Home flower lives in the same mode.

How to feed a money tree at home

Crassula does not require special fertile soil. It grows slowly, which is why it takes little nutrients from the soil. The tree is fed at the beginning of the growing season in spring and early autumn. In the spring, potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus are used.

Important! During dormancy, the plant is placed in a dark place of the house, and in the summer it is taken out to the balcony.

Illumination and temperature

The fat woman loves moderate temperature. If it is transplanted in the spring, then it will quickly grow. During the summer transplant, the plant is provided with a temperature regime of +19 to +23 ℃. In the afternoon it is taken out to the balcony and left in partial shade. For keeping the tree in winter, the optimum temperature regime is from +10 to +13 ℃.

Watering rules and humidity

Regular watering begins two weeks after transplantation. To do this, use water at room temperature, which is previously defended. Watering is required when the topsoil dries. In the spring they moisturize the earth no more than once a week, in summer, watering is reduced to two times a week. In winter and autumn, watered no more than once a month. Excess moisture in the winter can lead to decay of the roots, weakening of the immune system.

The main mistakes in the process of tree transplantation

Novice gardeners often make transplant mistakes that can lead to plant death. These include:

  • frequent change of scenery;
  • high capacity selection;
  • acidic or alkaline soil;
  • the presence of drafts or direct sunlight.

These errors can lead to the fact that the plant will not be able to adapt after transplantation, and will die. The fat woman experiences stress when changing her place of growth. She creates the conditions for recovery.

Caring for a money tree is easy. If you follow simple rules, you can grow a magnificent plant that will decorate the apartment.