How to install a lock on a gate or gate from a profile pipe

Installing the lock on the gate is the final stage of the installation of the fence. In our country, most often summer residents and owners of private houses install gates, the frame of which is made of shaped pipes - this is a robust construction that allows beautifully decorated gates with forging elements. In addition, the profile pipe provides a ready-made place for the seat, and you will not need to think about how it is more convenient to embed the lock. It is not difficult to mount the lock in the profile pipe - it is enough to cut out the socket and make the necessary holes, in this case you will not have to resort to welding. Consider how to install the lock on the gate with your own hands for this particular design.

Gates and gates from a profile pipe are very common with us - this is a convenient and inexpensive option, and it is quite possible to install a lock in such a design on your own

Varieties of lock designs

Many owners think about which lock is better to put on the gate. There are many types of locks today, but the installation principle for most of them is common.

So, in the market are presented:

  • Mortise and laid on. Mortise locks installed in the groove cut by a grinder and overhead locks, for which you need to drill holes for fasteners, are still the most common.
  • Combination locks. Often used and code locks on the gates, in this system it is convenient that the keys are not required. To enter, you need to dial a code (which can be changed as desired), and from the outside the lock can be opened by pressing a button or by turning a lever.
  • Magnetic locks. Many owners choose magnetic locks as convenient and reliable. The design of the magnetic lock does not have moving parts, consists of an anchor plate installed in the gate leaf and an electromagnet, which is installed on the box. To unlock such a lock, you need a magnetic key, the gate will open after it is applied to the reader.

A combination lock or magnetic lock is also convenient for installation in profile pipes, this option is mainly for those who live in the house permanently

Alternatively, you can also install a latch on the gate from the inside, and use it as necessary when you are at home to lock the gate faster

Tools necessary for work

To install the castle you will need:

  • set of drills;
  • Bulgarian;
  • bits to fix self-tapping screws;
  • screwdriver.

The set of components of the lock should include a connecting square, a core, a reciprocal level, a set of keys, coupling bolts, handles. When buying, we’ll check if all these components are included in the kit.

Set of components for the lock. At the time of purchase, it is advisable to check whether all the elements are available, so that later during operation it does not turn out that some part is missing

Lock Installation Process

First, marking is applied to the frame - places for the lock, bolts and fastenings are marked. For drilling, it is important to choose the right nozzles so that the holes are not too large. After that, you can start drilling holes.

When the holes are ready, proceed to install the lock. It should be well fixed. We insert the core, fix it on the screws, then a square. After the square is installed, the handles are installed. Handles with overlays are pulled together by bolts. It often happens that the square and the coupling bolts do not fit the profile pipe in length, since the lock is designed for installation in a door whose thickness exceeds the thickness of the pipe from which the gate is made. Here you will need a grinder to give the necessary size to the coupling bolts and square.

On the second wing of the gate, a counter plate is installed that fixes the lock; on it, you also need to pre-mark it. When you install the reciprocal level, you need to check the operation of the lock. If the constipation is difficult to rotate, lubricate it with oil.

The quality of the mechanism located on the street will always decrease under the influence of an aggressive environment - the castle can freeze, snow can get in there, from such loads it wears out and breaks much faster. In order for the lock to work properly and last longer, a protective metal pocket can be made for it, which will prevent liquid from entering, and also make the structure itself more rigid and reliable. The handles in this case will also be installed more clearly and firmly.

A practical lock for the gate mounted in the profile pipe. The design reliably protects the internal mechanism from the weather, which extends the service life

The lock with a protective pocket is installed successfully. Now the mechanism is protected more reliably, and the design itself has become more stable and durable.

This quick guide is suitable for most devices. Following it, you can without any difficulty make a constipation on your gate or gate, without resorting to the services of specialists. We hope this short review helped you understand the installation technology, as well as choose the most suitable type of lock. If you have any questions, please write in the comments.

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